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I believe in including your personal style and personality in events. I believe in parties that take your breath away. I believe in making your guests feel pampered. I know that planning a wedding or event is very stressful and I want you to be able to enjoy the planning as much as your big day. 


Every couple is unique. You have your personal style, memories, secrets, hobbies, unique love for each other and your own picture of what a perfect day looks like. Because of this, our goal is to get our couples to look away from what a wedding "should" be like and instead, start from the beginning and create a day that reflects you as a couple. There are no musts and I want to help you create something new, something unique and something "you". 


We want to help you create a wedding that others will be pinning on Pinterest, not re-create one that has already been pinned. We want every little detail to feel like part of a theme, and that the theme reflects you. With this in mind, we help you plan and design your big day and have so much fun during the process!


Love, Fanny + team


Fanny Staaf

Founder, Lead Planner, Designer & Florist

Hello! I am so glad that you are visiting our website - and to those of you who are engaged, congratulations! My name is Fanny and I'm the founder of Fanny Staaf Events.


I can be a nerd when it comes to organization and planning, I love fluffy cats, Christmas, and prosecco on rooftops. After many years abroad where I have worked with wedding and events in both New York City and Australia I took all my experiences with me back to Sweden to start my own business, Fanny Staaf Events, back in 2016.


I grew up in the flower industry and was always surrounded by creative, hard-working people and happy customers, customers that always were about to celebrate something. I dreamed about a job where I could combine my creative side with my passion for planning and organisation. One thing led to another and I enrolled at UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning and got a diploma in both wedding planning and event design.  


With over 100 weddings in my portfolio I collaborate with our clients to create a perfect day where their personalities shine through. I combine my organization skills, never failing eye for design and experience as a florist to get a result that is going to be exquisitely designed, distinctly planned and professionally executed. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Nora Forsberg

Lead Planner, Designer & Florist 

I'm Nora and I'm a lead planner, designer and florist at Fanny Staaf Events. I was born and raised in Dalarna, where I still spend many of my weekends off. I have over 10 years of experience in the service industry both from restaurants, events and retail. Service is something I am very passionate about and I love to always provide that famous "little extra".


 I have always had a huge interest in design and the everything visual. I love basically anything that has to do with creativity and I'm more than happy to spend inordinate amounts of time on time consuming, creative projects that goes in to all the nitty gritty details.. The combination of high tempo work together with a tight team turned out to be the perfect mix for me. To get to start from a blank canvas together with our clients and tailor each event into a personal story and seeing this grow from planning to final product is one of the parts I love most about my job.  


When I'm not working, you'll find me renovating at home with my partner, learning pottery or continuing the hunt for the perfect brownie recipe.


Alexandra Wirth

Assisting Planner, Designer & Florist 

My name is Alexandra and I grew up in Stockholm. Throughout my life, I have loved dance and the show business and also have several educations in this field. From dance, I entered the world of homestyling but finally found my place at Fanny Staaf Events. Here I work as an assistant wedding planner, event designer and florist and support both Fanny and Nora in their projects. 

For me, the feeling and experience of the customer, the guest, the supplier and the team is hugely important. The fact that I go by the name "Positivity Petra" in the team says a lot about my attitude and how I work with problem solving ;) 

I spend my free time with my dog Bernie, looking for the next nugget at flea markets or discovering great restaurants with my friends. 

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