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Coordination is all the planning that is necessary for your wedding to run smoothly from start to finish. Examples of what falls under "coordination" are timelines, budgets, bookings, contracts, vendor contact, and run sheets. We will guide you through the whole planning process and be there to supervise your wedding day so that you and all your loved ones can relax and fully enjoy your special day. We will make sure that grandma has an extra cushion on her chair, calculate the perfect time for golden hour portraits and send you down the aisle in the right second. We will be there, every step of the way.


Design is all about making your wedding as beautiful and personal as possible. Examples of what falls under "design" are mood boards, color schemes, flowers, stationery and of course, the design plan for the whole wedding. Together we will think through the design of your invitations, the placement of your tables, the color on your napkins, the shade of your bridesmaid's dresses and all the other details that will make your wedding one of a kind and as unique as you are.


 We do our flowers in-house. Our personal style is loose, organic and romantic. We feel that by creating our own flowers for the weddings we coordinate and design we can really make everything come together in a perfect way and make sure it's all following the same theme and feeling that we are going for. We special order our flowers from Holland and Italy and love working with fluffy garden roses and peonies, vines, branches and greens that look like they were picked straight from the nature outside your venue. 

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