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We got a wedding way over our expectations that was so ”us”. Fanny could see things that we didn’t see, decide what was important and what was not and create a theme that was cohesive though out the whole wedding day. We and our guests  were blown away by all the small details that made the day magical. We can warmly recommend Fanny as a planner, designer and florist for couples with high expectations on design, professionalism and quality. Thanks to Fanny we were able to enjoy the planning and, most important of all, every moment of our wedding day!


- Agnes & Per

Planning a wedding alone is never easy. Planning a wedding alone from abroad with a 9-hour time difference is nearly impossible. After being engaged for over a year with 9 months to go, we’d reached our wits end and needed the help of a local professional. Cue Instagram. After insta-stalking every wedding that took place in Sweden and was covered online, I happened upon this beautiful page of place settings and flowers that stopped me in my tracks. Finally, I found what I was looking for in Fanny Staaf Events. From the color palette to the simple, chic, elegant lines, I knew next time I was in Stockholm, I had to meet the curator and designer behind the page.


Cue to a cozy meeting in Stockholm, we were knee-deep in planning and dealing with various vendor woes and meeting Fanny was like a breath of fresh air. She let us babble on and on and I’m sure laughed internally at how nutty we seemed but she assured us in minutes of meeting that she was the right partner to help execute our vision. To say Fanny went above and beyond is an understatement and doesn’t do her magic justice – she wrangled our vendors,  set a vision for our day was somehow even more spectacular in person and made us feel heard and cared for.  No easy task for an American and a Swede living in busy Los Angeles. When wrinkles came up (they always do), she handled them with poise and professionalism. Her team was also fantastic and quite helpful throughout the whole process.  Looking back, it was one of the best investments we made in making our wedding weekend such a magical event. 


We liked Fanny so much we made her promise to be our friend from now on and we can’t wait to witness the beautiful weddings she puts on next. 

For anyone still unsure, ask Fanny for our number so we can gush about her and the team some more!


- Sheena & Daniel

Fanny was incredibly smooth to work with during the whole planning process and the wedding day. She is structured, clear, responsive and it felt safe to put our special day in her hands. While none of us have an eye for details, we really wanted to put our personal touch on our wedding with details that reflect us to make the day feel personal. Fanny helped us with the design and theme and we really appreciated how well she understood what we wanted to accomplish and made suggestions for decor, services, and vendors that matched both our theme and budget. She also assisted us with checklists - what had to happen and when - something that in our experience is that the biggest concern during the planning is to be worried that something is falling through the cracks or isn't getting done in time. Fanny helped us get rid of that headache while helping us design our dream wedding. So to summarize - we are hugely satisfied and recommend Fanny to everyone we know!


- Isabelle & Fredrik

We are so happy that we hired Fanny for our wedding! She was a big support from the first meeting until the end of the wedding day. Our expectations was to get help with planning and decor, plus to have someone there during the wedding day so that we could relax. Fanny delivered way over our expectations all the way. She is very structured but still creative with lots of fun ideas for our day that made it even more amazing and special. A huge thank you!



- Frida & Patrik

Fanny helped us plan our big day and everything was more and better than our expectations. She is creative, has an eye for details and is solution oriented. What others said couldn't be done Fanny made happen without hesitation. We can warmly recommend Fanny Staaf Events for everyone who needs help planning their dream wedding! 


- Cecilie & Nicklas

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